Elaeagnus pungens

Thorny Elaeagnus

Origin Of Species
Physical Description
Thorny elaeagnus is a large evergreen shrub that grows between six and ten feet in height, reaching a maximum of fifteen feet.  The leaves are thick and may reach four inches in length.  Flowers are a yellowish-white and appear in the fall.  The fruit of thorny elaeagnus is red and silver and appears in the fall and winter, ripening in the spring.
Habitat And Distribution
Thorny elaeagnus can be found in a variety of habitats and is often planted in highway medians and parking lots as an ornamental screen.  It can grow naturally in woody areas and on stream banks and is predominately located in the southeastern United States.
Location On Campus
Thorny elaeagnus is commonly planted as an ornamental shrub in the Richmond area.
Negative Impacts
Thorny elaeagnus is a tough plant that can grow in a variety of conditions and survive nearly anywhere.  It can thus displace native species by out-competing for space, sunlight, water, and nutrients.
VDCR Invasiveness Ranking
Occasionally Invasive Species

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