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Agave angustifolia Haw.

Coarse rosette herb with tough sword-like, toothed leaves; inflorescence borne on a large pole-like stalk arising from the center of the leaf rosette.

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According to Gentry (insert reference), Agave angustifolia is the wild ancestor of henequen (Agave fourcroydes), the plant much cultivated in Yucatan as a fiber crop. The individual illustrated here is presumed to be a wild (or spontaneous) individual. Presumably, plants of cultivated henequen that become enveloped by forest through the process of secondary succession would present a very similar aspect. Distinguishing truly wild Agave angustifolia from persistent cultivated henequen may be difficult.

Like all members of the genus, A. angustifolia is monocarpic, i.e., after decades of vegetative growth, it flowers once and then dies. Though somewhat infrequent, the flowers produce much nectar and pollen and the species is considered an important bee plant (Souza Novello 1981).