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Catasetum integerrimum Hook. (syn: Catasetum maculatum Kunth); ch'it k'uk

Epiphytic orchid; pseudobulbs large, curved, tapered at both ends, among masses of upward-oriented rootlets; leaves broad, oblanceolate, somewhat thin, with prominent veins; inflorescence a raceme bearing a few flowers; flowers greenish yellow; lip petal (labellum) uppermost (flower non-resupinate), projecting hood-like over the column; capsule fruits coarsely ribbed, the sepals and petals retained as a brown remnant at the tip. (Image at left photographed at Labna.)

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According to Standley (1930), the pseudobulbs yield a viscous glue-like sap that has been used in mending the wooden bodies of violins.