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Croton chichenensis Lundell / Croton peraeruginosa Croizat (syn: Croton flavens of various authors in Yucatan, not L.); ek balam

Shrub, generally less than 2 m tall; stems and leaves covered with rusty red or yellowish stellate hairs; leaves alternate, simple, ovate-lanceolate, rounded or somewhat cordate at the base, base without obvious glands, margins finely toothed; inflorescence axillary, racemose, pistillate flowers usually located towards the base and the remainder all staminate flowers, but proportion of staminate and pistillate flowers per inflorescence variable; stamens white; pistillate flowers lacking petals, ovaries rusty red to yellowish brown.

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Standley (1930) reports that bark decoctions have been used to treat syphilis and toothaches. Listed, as Croton flavens, as an important source of pollen and/or nectar for bees (Souza Novello 1981, Suarez Molina 1981).