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Luehea candida (DC.) Mart.; k'askat

Tree; leaves alternate, simple, ovate-elliptic, base somewhat asymmetric, margin toothed, apex acute to acuminate, palmately veined, with pale undersurface and prominent stipules; flowers large, creamy or greenish white; petals arranged in bilateral symmetry; stamens numerous; style/stigma prominent; fruit a woody 5-angled and 5-ribbed capsule.

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One of the dominant tree species of the forest at Rancho Kiuic. Luehea candida is best distinguished from the very similar Luehea speciosa by its angular, 5-ribbed fruits; fruits of Luehea speciosa are cylindric. Further, Luehea candida flowers early in the wet season (late June or July) whereas Luehea speciosa flowers late in the wet season (October). Note: these species are confounded by Standley (1930) who listed only Luehea speciosa, but his description of the fruits clearly pertains to Luehea candida.