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Luehea speciosa Willd.; kakaw che'

Tree; leaves alternate, simple, ovate-elliptic, base somewhat asymmetric, margin toothed, apex acute to acuminate, palmately veined, with pale undersurface and prominent stipules; flowers large, creamy or greenish white; petals arranged in bilateral symmetry; stamens numerous; style/stigma prominent; fruit a woody capsule, at most obscurely 5-angled, without prominent ribs.

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Less common at Rancho Kiuic than its close relative, Luehea candida which differs in its larger and much more prominently angled and ribbed capsules. Best distinguished from the very similar Luehea candida by its cylindrical fruits; fruits of Luehea candida are prominently angular with 5 large ridges. Note: these species are confounded by Standley (1930) who listed only Luehea speciosa, but his description of the fruits clearly pertains to Luehea candida.