Freezing Point Depression 1.0

This HTML-based presentation provides students with background on colligative properties in general and freezing point depression in particular. It includes a procedure for a freezing point depression experiment in which the molecular mass of a compound is determined. The module is annotated with images to clarify conceptual points and a images and a short QuickTime movie to clarify procedural details of the experiment.

The "Background" section provides information regarding the colligative properties and the effects that introducing solute particles into a solvent has on the boiling point and freezing point of the resulting solution. An optional, advanced-level layer provides a more quantitative presentation of the material including a (detailed) derivation of the freezing point depression and of the boiling point elevation constants based solely on Raoult's law and the Clausius Clapeyron equation.

The "Experiment" section refers to the procedure for an experiment in the General Chemistry Laboratory course. It includes some images of the experimental setup and a small QuickTime movie to help students better prepare for the experiment.

Table of contents:

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