Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 0.2

This is one of the on-line tutorials that we are developing but which we have not completed. They are included here because what has been completed may have some value as a instructional tool.

This module contains some instructions on the use of the GE Omega 300 system, but more importantly will explore the interpretation of NMR spectra, and to date, we have recorded several types of spectra on each of several different samples, and have annotated each one so that the relation between sample molecular structure and spectral features may be explored. The spectra recorded include proton (1H), carbon (13C), 1H-1H COSY, 1H-13C{1H} DEPT, 13C{1H} APT, and 1H-13C HETCOR.

When you have a spectrum on the screen, you may click on features in the structure or in the spectrum to see what parts of the structure give rise to what parts of the spectrum. Note that atoms and signals in blue are the ones selected and those displayed in red are those that interact with the selected ones to give complexity of one kind or another.

Table of contents:

Table of contents

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