Instrument Template

For your convenience, a template file with a layout for a WWW presentation on how to use a particular instrument is provided. You can save the source to your local disk and edit it.

I have only made versions for a single brand/model of an instrument. I would suggest for places where there is need to have more than one set of instructions, to select the mostly used one and include it inside this document, and have external document(s) (linked to from here) with only specific information for that(those) instrument(s).


Table of contents



It's definition
A short theorethical, general, introduction.

If you want to go any deeper I would suggest using a link to another document.

Measurement of Property

Basic method of how the property is determined. Using compact definition lists for definitions of new concepts.


Particular Instance of an Instrument

General introduction to the instrument itself. With a picture showing controls and so.

Procedure for this instrument

A point by point (ordered list) of instructions, including sample loading, performing the reading, and cleaning up of the instrument.
Some of these tasks may become a lot clearer when using short quicktime movies, of which a useful frame is used as a picture place holder to load the movie.

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