Lecture Notes Capabilities

To allow flexibility in these Concept Modules, we also provided the possibility to have a button appear labeled 'Lecture Notes'. The advantage of this flexibility is that a module can have the standard tutorial information follow along, but display lecture notes for different instructors or classes without requiring modification to the module itself.

The 'Lecture Notes' button will be present if the link into the module information of a particular instructor has appended to it "#notesurl/", where notesurl is the url for the directory with the html files that correspond to the parts in the module. The use of the # (anchor) part of the URL to denote the location of the directory of the lecture notes is not our preferred way of doing it, but we were forced to do so since we had problems with Internet Explorer not passing on the ? (search) part of the URL into the location object of the window, needed by JavaScript to make all this work. If Microsoft fixes these problems, we will return to the preferred way of providing the additional information as a search string.

This does mean that the instructor will have to provide, in a single directory, all the html files that may be needed for a complete module. What the names of these are depends on the module in question, but will be listed with each module separately.