Tools Needed For Viewing Web-Based Modules


The requirements to view the HTML based material depends on the particular module, but the superset of requirements are listed below. The information between brackets (type=... exts=...) refers to the mime types and file extension that the server and browser should be (made) aware of.

Make sure that the web browser is installed first, so that the plug-in installers can automatically make the web browser aware of the plug-in.

The reason to use Netscape Navigator 3.01 as opposed to older versions (or Communicator) is that the Lattice module uses Javascript in combination with Chime 1.0. This particular combination causes problems when using Internet Explorer or the beta release (on Mac) of Netscape Communicator.

Redistributed HTML tools

For your convenience, we have obtained permission to redistribute some of the tools required to view the html documents on the CD. For more information, refer to the manual on the CD.

The redistributed tools one needs to view the HTML documents on the CD can also be found at the following places. (These links were all active and correct at the time this document was prepared.) All these applications are installers or self-extracting archives.

At the time of the release of this CD, not all required tools could be included on the disc. To obtain these tools, we suggest that you download them from the following sites: