Coronilla varia


Origin Of Species
Europe, Northern Africa, Southwest Asia
Physical Description
Crown-vetch is a perennial herb with stems that may reach two to six feet in length.  The compound leaves are about an inch long and contain between fifteen to twenty-five leaflets.  The purple and white flowers occur in clusters at the end of stalks between June and July.  Seeds occur in narrow pods between two and three inches in length.
Habitat And Distribution
Crown-vetch prefers open areas with ample sunlight, generally along roadsides, railroads, and open fields.  It is abundant throughout the United States, with the exception of North Dakota, California, Louisiana, and Alaska.
Location On Campus
Crown-vetch is not known to be on campus, but is common along roadways in the Richmond area, often planted for erosion control.
Negative Impacts
Crown-vetch tolerates a variety of soils and temperatures, spreading rapidly and overcoming native species using its dense growth to form groundcover and shield out sunlight, monopolizing space, water, and nutrients.
VDCR Invasiveness Ranking
Occasionally Invasive Species

Additional Images: Flower with stems and leaves   Stems with leaves   Stems with leaves

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