Glechoma hederacea


Origin Of Species
Physical Description
Gill-over-the-ground is a creeping perennial with a square stem that can reach between six and eight inches in height.  It possesses opposite, round leaves with scalloped edges and a rough upper surface.  Between March and July, small purple and white flowers appear in clusters in the leaf axils.
Habitat And Distribution
Gill-over-the-ground inhabits all types of soils and temperatures.  It is found mainly in disturbed areas such as low woods, slopes, roadsides, and waste ground.  Gill-over-the ground is prevalent throughout the United States, with the exception of Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona.
Location On Campus
Gill-over-the-ground is to be expected in any weedy area on campus.  It is prominent along the former Gambles Mill Road (between Westham Creek and the Country Club of Virginia), and also abundant in the ravines between the football practice fields and the Modlin Center.
Negative Impacts
Gill-over-the-ground does well in a myriad of environments and may out-compete native plants, especially grasses, by forming dense patches over large areas, dominating substrate, water, and nutrients.  Gill-over-the-ground often finds itself in cultivated areas such as vegetable gardens, flower beds, and lawns, becoming very difficult to remove.
VDCR Invasiveness Ranking
Moderately Invasive Species

Additional Images: Stems with leaves   Flower with stem and leaves  Flowers with leaves   Flower with stem and leaves  

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