Quercus acutissima

Sawtooth Oak

Origin Of Species
Eastern Asia
Physical Description
Sawtooth oak is a large deciduous tree that may reach over fifty feet in height.  The alternating leaves are bright green and are long with small bristles along the edges, reaching seven inches in length, with a noticeable vein along the margin.  Flowers are golden and appear in the spring.  The fruits of sawtooth oaks are oval with prominent scales resembling hairs.
Habitat And Distribution
Sawtooth oak is often used for ornamentals near streets, along highway medians, and in landscaped yards.  It is found in the eastern, western, and southern United States, nearly everywhere but the central north.
Location On Campus
Sawtooth oak is cultivated on campus, most notably on the southeast corner of the intramural fields near the University Forest Apartments
Negative Impacts
Sawtooth oak produces large amounts of seeds, which allows it to spread and dominate native habitat.
VDCR Invasiveness Ranking
Occasionally Invasive Species

Additional Images: Tree   Fruit with leaves   Leaves

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