Artemisia vulgaris


Origin Of Species
Physical Description
Mugwort is a perennial herb that may reach three feet in height.  Its alternating leaves are deeply lobed, and roughly two to four inches long and one to three inches wide.  The purple and yellow flowers are small and arranged in long, terminal panicles.
Habitat And Distribution
Mugwort is found along fields, hedgerows, thickets, stream banks, and roadsides.  It is prominent in the eastern half of the United States, from Maine to Florida and west to Minnesota and Idaho.  It may also be found in Montana, Washington, and Oregon.
Location On Campus
Mugwort is found along the former Gambles Mill Road (between Westham Creek and the Country Club of Virginia).
Negative Impacts
Mugwort is an extremely fast-growing and persistent herb that may easily spread, often dominating groundcover and harming native vegetation.
VDCR Invasiveness Ranking
Moderately Invasive Species

Additional Images:  Flowers with stem and leaves   Stems with leaves   Stems with leaves

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