Berberis x julianae

Wintergreen Barberry

Origin Of Species
Physical Description
Wintergreen barberry is an evergreen shrub that can reach six feet in height and eight feet in width.  Spiny green leaves alternate along branches, but become dark red in the fall.  Small yellow flowers appear in clusters during the spring.  Inconspicuous elongate ovoid fruits are prominent in the fall.
Habitat And Distribution
Wintergreen barberry is generally planted as an ornamental hedge, but may spread to roadsides and forest edges.  It may be found throughout the southern, eastern, and western portions of the United States.
Location On Campus
Wintergreen barberry is planted as a foundation shrub on the east side of Gottwald Science Center.
Negative Impacts
Wintergreen barberry is able to survive in a wide variety of environments, forming very dense patches that dominate native habitats.  The prevalent sharply-toothed leaves of wintergreen barberry drastically limit its predators, allowing it to grow virtually unchecked.
VDCR Invasiveness Ranking
Not evaluated

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