Centaurea maculosa

Spotted Knapweed

Origin Of Species
Europe and Asia
Physical Description
Spotted knapweed is a perennial herb that generally forms a basal rosette of deeply-lobed leaves, which are about eight inches long and two inches wide.  Flowers are purple, pink, and white and are found on tall stems between June and October.  Seeds are small, brown, and oval-shaped.
Habitat And Distribution
Spotted knapweed is found in meadows and along roadsides in every state within the United States except Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alaska.
Location On Campus
Spotted knapweed is not known to be on campus, but is a common roadside weed throughout the Richmond area.
Negative Impacts
Spotted knapweed is able to quickly establish itself and spread, adversely affecting native biota as well as ecosystem processes, such as nutrient cycling and soil maintenance.
VDCR Invasiveness Ranking
Highly Invasive Species

Additional Images:  Basal rosette  

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