Humulus japonicus

Japanese Hops

Origin Of Species
Physical Description
Japanese hops is an annual deciduous twining vine that may reach nearly forty feet in length.  The rough leaves are palmately lobed and can be two to five inches in length.  Greenish flowers appear from June to October. 
Habitat And Distribution
Japanese hops is prominent in abandoned fields, along roadsides and forest edges, and near stream banks.  It can be found in the northeastern, eastern, and midwestern portions of the United States, from Maine and Georgia to North Dakota and Kansas.
Location On Campus
Japanese hops is not known to be on campus, but is abundant within the floodplain of the James River throughout the Piedmont Region of Virginia.
Negative Impacts
Japanese hops is a rapidly-growing vine that can form dense stands and displace native vegetation by out-competing for essential resources.
VDCR Invasiveness Ranking
Moderately Invasive Species

Additional Images: Leaves

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