Lespedeza cuneata

Chinese Lespedeza

Origin Of Species
Physical Description
Chinese lespedeza is a perennial herb that can grow from three to six feet in height.  Each compound leaf contains three oblong leaflets, about an inch long.  Cream flowers may be solitary or in clusters of up to four, with short petals that display violet and purple streaks.  They appear in July and continue until October.  The seed pod is long, oval, and flattened and is prominent in the fall.
Habitat And Distribution
Chinese lespedeza is prominent in open areas such as fields, woodland borders, and roadside thickets throughout the eastern half of the United States.
Location On Campus
Chinese lespedeza is expected to be found in any weedy area on campus, and is abundant along roadsides and abandoned fields throughout the Richmond area.
Negative Impacts
Chinese lespedeza can survive in myriad soil and climate types, crowding out native vegetation.  Its rapid seed production, dispersal, and germination ensures longevity at sites.  Chinese lespedeza is toxic to most herbivores, which means it has very few predators.
VDCR Invasiveness Ranking
Highly Invasive Species

Additional Images: Branch with leaves   Branches with leaves

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