Microstegium vimineum

Japanese Stilt Grass

Origin Of Species
Physical Description
Japanese stilt grass is an annual herb that may reach three feet in height.  It forms dense, sprawling mats with its long, thin, alternating leaves.  Small flowers occur around October. 
Habitat And Distribution
Japanese stilt grass may be found along stream banks, moist woodlands, roadside thickets, and abandoned fields.  It is prominent along the eastern coast of the United States from New York to Florida.
Location On Campus
On campus, Japanese stilt grass is prominent in roadside ditches near the lower reaches of Gateway Road and in Westhampton woods along the ravine adjacent to College Road.  It is to be expected in wooded lowlands anywhere in the Richmond area.
Negative Impacts
Japanese stilt grass grows rapidly, forming dense understory patches that displace native vegetation.  It spreads very easily to disturbed sites.
VDCR Invasiveness Ranking
Highly Invasive Species

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