Pachysandra terminalis

Japanese Spurge

Origin Of Species
Physical Description
Japanese spurge is an evergreen perennial herb groundcover that can reach twelve inches in height, but spreads to form dense mats.  Small oval-shaped leaves, generally two to four inches in length, alternate about the stem.  Flowers are white and appear between March and April.  Fruits are on terminal branches and are extremely small.
Habitat And Distribution
Japanese spurge is prominent along forest and meadow edges within the eastern half of the United States.
Location On Campus
Japanese spurge is not known to be on campus, but a large colony is located on the south bank of the James River in the Huguenot Woods area of James River Park.
Negative Impacts
Japanese spurge grows very quickly, spreading by underground stems and forming a very dense groundcover that can displace other vegetation.
VDCR Invasiveness Ranking
Not Evaluated

Additional Images: Leaves with flower buds

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