Rosa Multiflora

Multiflora Rose

Origin Of Species
China and Japan
Physical Description
Multiflora rose is a dense shrub.  The branches arch and are covered with stiff thorns.  Its pinnately compound leaves alternate and consist of five to seven small toothed oval leaflets.  Small tubular flowers appear in clusters around June and may be white, red, or yellow.  Berries, prevalent in fall and winter, are small and may be yellow, orange, or red.
Habitat And Distribution
Multiflora rose is common along roads, forests, and fields.  It is prevalent throughout the eastern half of the United States, as well as in Washington and Oregon.
Location On Campus
Multiflora rose is located in Westhampton Woods near the Westhampton Gate, within the ravine between Laura Robins Court and University Facilities, and surrounding the ravines between the football practice fields and the Modlin Center.
Negative Impacts
Once planted for erosion control, multiflora rose is now a widespread weed that is extremely difficult to control and eradicate because of the large number of seeds produced per individual.  Various species of mammal and bird facilitate dispersion.  Thickets are often formed that shade out native species.
VDCR Invasiveness Ranking
Highly Invasive Species

Additional Images: Leaves   Leaves with stem   Leaves with stems

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