Carya spp Nutt., Juglandaceae

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Common name: Hickory (generic).

Voucher: Kostadinov 081, 099, (URV)

Brief description: (generic) Large, monoecious trees with continuous pith and hard, heavy wood. Leaves are compound, odd-pinnate, alternate, the three terminal leaflets usually the largest; the leaflets, twigs, and petioles are glabrous. Flowers are unisexual, the staminate catkins coming in peduncled groups of three at the summit of previous year's growth, the pistillate flowers are solitary or in spikes of 2-10, terminating the branches, subtended by an involucre which ripens to a husk. Fruits are a hard-shelled nut; the kernel is edible. 

Campus data: Moderately frequent everywhere in the wild on campus, not cultivated. Mature trees are usually medium-sized to large. Further work, primarily with mature fruits, is required to identify these glabrous Caryas to the species level.