Fraxinus americana L., Oleaceae

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Common name: White ash.

Voucher: Kostadinov 147, 155, (URV)

Brief description: A large, dioecious tree to 40 m with glabrous branchlets, petioles and rachis. Leaves are odd-pinnately compound, opposite; leaflet are 5-9, oblong to ovate or obovate, entire, pinnately veined, generally glabrous, papillose beneath, margins crenate-toothed to entire. Flowers are unisexual, sessile, in axillary panicles on old wood. Fruits are a linear to oblanceolate 1-seeded samara with a long wing. 

Campus data: Occasionally cultivated and in the wild on campus. More than 20 individuals encountered. For an uninvestigated reason most, if not all, F. americana individuals on campus suffer from a condition which results in many dead branches. (see picture link on left).