Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marshall, Oleaceae

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Common name: Red ash.

Voucher: Kostadinov 088 ?, 120, 160, (URV)

Brief description: A dioecious tree to 25 m with pubescent branchlets, petioles and rachis. Leaves are odd-pinnately compound, opposite; leaflet are 5-9, lanceolate or lanceovate to oblong or elliptic, entire, pinnately veined, pubescent beneath, but not papillose, oblique at base, margins serrate to crenate-toothed or almost entire. Flowers are unisexual, sessile, in axillary panicles on old wood. Fruits are a linear to spatulate 1-seeded samara with a relatively short wing, compared to F. americana

Campus data: Occasionally in the wild on campus, on edges of woods and roads, mostly shrubby and small trees. As opposed to F. americana, F. pennsylvanica is healthy and developing normally on campus.