Ginkgo biloba L., Ginkgoaceae

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Common name: Ginkgo, maiden-hair tree.

Voucher: Kostadinov 169, (URV)

Brief description: A medium-sized to large, dioecious, sparsely branched, glabrous, resinous, deciduous tree. Leaves are fan-shaped, simple, alternate or in clusters of 3-5 on spurs, entire or bilobed, parallel veined, margins entire. G. biloba is not a flowering plant!  Reproductive strobili are unisexual, the staminate catkin-like, the pistillate -- long-pedicelled and bearing 2 ovules. Mature ovules are drupe-like, with a fleshy outer and bony inner coat. 

N.B.: The tree belongs to division Ginkgopsida, and is the only living species of its division as a remainder of a geological group.

Campus data: Very rare on campus. One cultivated individual encountered.