Hydrangea quercifolia Bartram, Hydrangeaceae

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Common name: Oak-leaf hydrangea.

Voucher: Kostadinov 127, 191 (URV)

Brief description: A strong shrub with light brown peeling bark and brown-tomentose young parts. Leaves are ovate to suborbicular, simple, opposite, strongly 3-7 palmately lobed, tomentose beneath, margins of lobes serrate-toothed. Flowers are perfect, white, in terminal elongated panicles, with many sterile ones. Fruits are a 2-5 celled many-seeded capsule dehiscent from the top. The individual shown to the left is a cultivar.  Follow the links to the left to see images of the wild variety.

Campus data: Cultivated occasionally on campus. About five patches encountered.