Ilex cornuta Lindl. & Paxt., Aquifoliaceae
Common name: Chinese holly, horned holly.

Voucher: Kostadinov 195, 198 (URV)

Brief description: An evergreen, polygamo-dioecious, glabrous shrub to 3 m. Leaves are leathery, thick, dark glossy-green, quadrangular-oblong (obovate in cv 'Burfordii'), simple, alternate, entire, pinnately veined, margins with three very strong spine-tipped teeth at the apex and two at the base (none to few in cv 'Burfordii'). Flowers are mostly unisexual, fragrant, in axillary clusters on previous year's branches. Fruits are a scarlet drupe. 

Campus data: Very frequently cultivated everywhere on campus. The cultivated form is mostly cv 'Burfordii' (see picture links on left).  There are some wild I. cornuta sprouts, as well as cv 'Rotunda' shrubs. 

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