Juglans nigra L., Juglandaceae

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Common name: Black walnut.

Voucher: Kostadinov 100, (URV)

Brief description: A medium-sized to large, monoecious tree with light brown pith and nearly black bark with rough ridges. Leaves are odd-pinnately compound, alternate; leaflets are 11-23,  oblong-obovate, entire, pinnately veined, with few or none stellate hairs, margins serrate-toothed to denticulate. Flowers are unisexual, the staminate catkins protruding from the buds in autumn, the pistillate spikes are short and terminate the branches, subtended by an involucre that ripens with the fruit to form an indehiscent husk. Fruits are a distinctly 2-valved, subglobose, rough, slightly flattened, indehiscent nut. 

Campus data: Very rare in the wild on campus. Not cultivated.