Prunus caroliniana Ait., Rosaceae

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Common name: American cherry-laurel, wild-orange, mock-orange of the South.

Voucher: Kostadinov 032, (URV)

Brief description: An evergreen tree; the bark is has characteristic horizontal lenticels. Leaves are glossy, oblong-lanceolate, simple, alternate, entire, margins slightly revolute and entire to remotely bristle-tip toothed. The distal end of the petiole may have small glands.  Flowers are perfect, very small, creamy-white, in dense, axillary racemes. Fruits are a 1-seeded, short-ovoid, pointed, black, shining drupe with thin exocarp and hard endocarp (stone). 

Campus data: Very rarely cultivated on campus. Encountered as a trimmed shrub (hedge) in one spot.