Quercus stellata Wangenh., Fagaceae

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Common name: Post oak.

Voucher: Kostadinov 106, (URV)

Brief description: Subgenus Lepidobalanus, white oaks.  A monoecious tree with rough, deeply furrowed bark and persistently pubescent petiole and twigs. Leaves are thick, obovate or cruciform, simple, alternate, with a few big rounded lobes, pinnately veined, pubescent with the hairs branched.  Flowers are unisexual, the staminate in slender catkins, the pistillate solitary or in small spikes. Fruits are a nut (acorn), partly enclosed by the persistent involucre -- the acorn cup. The acorn cup is hemispheric, with flat scales; the nut is ovoid. The acorns mature and sprout at the end of the first season.

Campus data: Occasionally in the wild on campus.  More than a dozen individuals encountered.