Toxicodendron radicans (L.) Kuntze, Anacardiaceae

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Common name: Common poison-ivy.

Voucher: Kostadinov 217, (URV)

Brief description: A climbing or straggling vine, producing abundant aerial roots. Leaves are compound, alternate; leaflets are mostly 3,  ovate to elliptic, highly variable -- entire or with a few irregular, pointed teeth or shallow lobes, pinnately veined; the terminal leaflet long-petiolate, the others subsessile. Flowers are perfect, in axillary, loose, drooping, raceme-like, branched inflorescences. Fruits are a white to greenish-yellow drupe.
CAUTION!!!The entire plant is highly allergenic, avoid contact with skin! The plant contains urushiols (phenolic oleoresins) which cause a cell-mediated, delayed, hypersensitivity reaction leading to contact dermatitis.

Campus data: Very abundant everywhere in the wild.