Viburnum opulus L., Caprifoliaceae

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Common name: N/A

Voucher: Kostadinov 058, (URV)

Brief description: V. opulus var. opulus cv 'Snowball'.  A shrub 1-5 m, with the young stems smooth. Leaves are maple-like, simple, opposite, 3-lobed, palmately veined, hairy beneath, margins coarsely toothed. The petioles have 1-6 large, sessile, concave-topped glands near the apex. Flowers are perfect, pinkish to white, in cymes on peduncles, the marginal flowers neutral. Fruits are a red, 1-stoned drupe; the stone is flat, not grooved. 

Campus data: Rarely cultivated on campus. A couple of small shrubs encountered.