Viburnum plicatum Thunb. cv 'tomentosum', Caprifoliaceae

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Common name: Japanese snowball.

Voucher: Kostadinov 063, (URV)

Brief description: A deciduous, bushy shrub to 3 m, with the young branchlets tomentose. Leaves are broadly ovate or oblong-ovate to obovate, simple, opposite, entire, pinnately veined, dark green and nearly glabrous above, stellate pubescent beneath, margins dentate-serrate. The leaf blade is 3-D with impressed veins.  Flowers are perfect, white, in globose cymes, the marginal ones bigger and sterile. Fruits are an ovoid, red changing to  bluish-black, 1-stoned drupe. 

Campus data: Rarely cultivated on campus. About three shrubs in one place encountered.