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Insights into the insights of a class

Starting from a seminar, in which students and professors together looked at texts of all sorts from the Western as well as from the Arab world in order to analyze how people saw and described each other, the final project of everyone was to express their thoughts on the cultural divide as they saw most appropriate. To do so, everyone was at liberty to choose the means of expression they deemed most appropriate. Here is what we came up with ...

"Scott Alexander Studios," by Andrew Talbot and Daniel Fairley**
"Burning," by David Davenport**
"Unrecognized," by Idil Cazimoglu
"Stuffed Grape Leaves," by Idil Cazimoglu
"Prejudices," by Nil Horoz**
"Tilted," by Aleah Goldin
"Reflections," by Hadya Abdul Satar
"Indian Emails," by Jay Tekwani
"A Trip to Aqaba," by John Finnigan
"Revising Arab Female Identity and Sexuality: Lalla Essaydi and Salwa al-Neimi," by Lorena Bolaņos
"Mosque Building and National Reaction," by Michael Russell
"Arabizi," by Mollz Courtney
"Ibn Fattouma and the Perfect Society," by Nate Reak
"Roundtable discussion on 'A Taste of Freedom'," led by Delia Flanagan and Lucy Barrett*

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**These files are restricted to participants in MLC 346. For more information, please contact Professor Martin Sulzer-Reichel.