NMR Tutor Shockwave files!!!!
All Copyright (C) 2005 Charles B. Abrams

Note: When you reach the end of a movie, you will get an error message saying the next movie can not be loaded. To go to another movie, click on this page and then click another selection. The new movie will start up in the same window as the last movie viewed.
NMR01 Introduction to nuclear spin states
NMR02 The effect of an RF pulse on spin states and net magnetization.
NMR03 The rotating frame of reference for pulses
NMR04 The Bilinear Rotation Delay (BIRD) method of inverting H attached to C13
PHASE Phase relationship between FID and the spectrum in 1D and 2D
T1 A pulse sequence to measure T1 values
HETCOR A pulse sequence used to measure heteronuclear correlation spectra in 2D
2DSPEC Click on a peak in a 2D COSY or HETCOR to see the correlated 1D peaks

The following files are less developed, and do not have text to guide the user.
INTRO An introduction to shielding
ALKYNE Shielding in alkynes
BENZENE Shielding in benzene