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Ruellia erythropus (Nees) Lindau

Herbaceous, weedy perennial. stems frequently arching and tip-rooting; leaves opposite, simple, ovate, base obtuse, margin entire, apex acute; inflorescnece a bracteate terminal spike; corollas seldom seen (flowers seemingly cleistogamous, at least in part); fruit a capsule.

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Native to southern South America. This weedy, invasive exotic species is abundant at Kiuic, found frequently along the edges of paths and trails. It can also be found as a common weed along the streets and vacant lots of Merida. Despite its abundance, Ruellia erythropus is seldom collected from the region. It is not unusual for botanists to neglect common weeds or to pass over plants not obviously in bloom. These synergistic aspects of collecting bias likely explain the dearth of herbarium material of this species from Yucatan.