Mass Spectrometer 1.5

This module is based on the older stand-alone application called Mass Spectrometer 1.0. It is now web-based, has the Instructor/Tutorial Versions integration and allows for Lecture Notes. In addition to that we have added simulations for the Quadrupole Mass Analyzer.

Instructor Version

This version is designed to be used in a classroom setting by an instructor, both in-class lectures and the brief lectures that precede a laboratory session. In order to provide maximum flexibility in its use at different levels of complexity, it is characterized by a minimum of words, and by a structure that allows the contents of the module to be used in a variety of orders.

The main starting point is a schematic of a mass spectrometer instrument from which any section can be directly accessed by clicking on the visual representation of the section in the instrument or by accessing any of the menus. Clicking on the image below will take you to a clickable image of a screen capture of the main screen.

The following menus are available:

The spectra provided are the same as in the stand-alone application, but will pop up in a separate window:

Tutorial Version

The tutorial version is reasonably worked out, but still needs some editing. The text provided describes what the animation shows and gives background information. A very detailed background on the quadrupole mass analyzer, including Mathieu equations and stability diagrams and simulations for the Quadrupole Mass Analyzer is also available.

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