Diatomic Bonding 1.1

This module is equivalent the older stand-alone application called Bonding 1.0. It was renamed since it basically only deals with some diatomic bonding, and conceivable may become part of a larger module on atomic orbitals and bonding in molecules. It is now web-based, has the Instructor/Tutorial Versions integration and allows for Lecture Notes.

Instructor Version

In order to provide maximum flexibility in its use at different levels of complexity, it is characterized by a minimum of words, and by a structure that allows the contents of the module to be used in a variety of orders.

The main starting point is a menu screen from which one can jump to a presentation of orbital interactions in H2, N2, and CO. Also a link to a comparison of orbitals in N2 and CO is present. Note that most windows that the image will link you to has some explanation below the image.

The following menus are available:

Tutorial Version

The tutorial version is currently very limited in it's explanation and basically describes what the animation shows. It does provide a little bit of background information about some tricky points in some of the animations.

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