Tilia americana L., Tiliaceae

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Common name: Basswood, linden.

Voucher: Kostadinov 162, (URV)

Brief description: A large tree to 40 m. Leaves are broadly ovate to subrotund, simple, alternate, entire, palmately veined (pinnately with the basal secondaries larger and characteristic), light grayish-green beneath, very oblique at base, margins sharply serrate-toothed.  Flowers are perfect, yellowish, very fragrant, in axillary cymes; on a long peduncle having a narrow, elongate, leaf-like, light-green bract. Fruits are subglobose, indehiscent, nutlike. 

Campus data: Occasionally cultivated on campus. About a dozen to fifteen healthy, large individuals encountered. The second largest tree by DBH is a T. americana. See Statistics