New Modules on Diskette

This document contains links to information regarding the modules that are currently being developed and/or modified. Some of these modules are available on diskette and can be ordered from us directly.

All of these improved modules are now fully web-delivered, but some will require the Macromedia Shockwave plug-in and/or a VRML 2.0 browser. We provide below an overview of each module which includes a description of the improvements. (The demos do not, however, require that your browser be configure for Shockwave or VRML 2.0.) The demos (constructed as animated GIF images) simply show a few captured images taken from the actual animations in order to give one a feel or send of what the animations are really like. The Shockwave and VRML animations contained in the modules are interactive and are much smoother and more realistic.

Modifications to Previous Concept Modules

The modifications to the previous Concept Modules are:

The modified modules are now available:

New Concept Modules

In addition to the improvements on the above modules, the following new modules are available:

New Technique Module

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